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    Sanitary sewer lines and pipes have been about for centuries in one form and other. It is difficult to believe, though, that before the 20th century approximately, fixing obviously any good simple clog in the sewer drain would be a major project that may require many hours of digging, locating and labor.

    Today, because of better technology, plumbers and drain cleaners can easily locate and connect clogs and breakages quickly and easily, sometimes without needing to excavate the pipes themselves. Drain surveillance cameras and locating devices, sewer snake augers and high-pressure water jetting systems make professional drain cleaning an essential and cost-effective alternative for trust.

    Drain surveillance cameras are a recent innovation in sewer cleaning technology that allow plumbers to find out the inside of your pipes without excavating. A smaller camera at the final on the flexible cable is pushed from the drain, and an image is sent for an attached closed-circuit television unit. Experienced drain cleaners are able to ascertain a lot of information in this way, including the place where a clog or break is situated, what’s important to fix it, and just what a drain or pipe is made from.

    When it is determined that tree roots are the cause of your drain clog (perhaps the most common overuse injury in older clay tile drains), then your problem can usually be repaired quickly and using a drain snake auger. Drain snakes rotate a strong auger at the conclusion of a metal cable that cuts away obstructions and allows water to flow freely from the drain again. Drain snake augers have been established for nearly a century, plus they still work on the identical basic principle today.

    If your drain clog is especially difficult, including built-up grease, grit and debris that wont answer a drain snake auger, then high-pressure water jetting might be in order. High-pressure water jetting systems are sophisticated devices that blast grease and clogs out of drains which enable it to often build your sewer pipes appear like new again. This can be a higher priced option, but is generally a must if the drains are severely clogged.

    The main element to reaping the benefits of modern technology and keeping the drains functional is regular drain cleaning and servicing. In case you have faced clogged drains previously, then most likely they will clog again down the road. By scheduling yearly inspections and drain cleanings, it is possible to save time and cash by preventing a more significant issue from developing.

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